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What You Should Learn About Our Very Own Brand-new Feature: Questions! – HER

If you have upgraded the HER application today (
if you don’t – change right here!
), you will notice plenty of new features:

  • Now you can create a HER account with Instagram,
  • You can publish and attend Meetups,
  • Possible ask a concern to any or all locally!

Concerns is actually an internationally feature.

As soon as you ask a question, it are seen in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand along with a lot more countries on the road!

We’re really worked up about this particular feature and we also can easily see all of you are way too!

Here are some in our Community instructions for concerns

. It might also work as inspiration about what to share!

2 of concerns:

  • Ask precisely what the HER society feel about a particular subject – a film, someone or something entertainment. “Did you guys see ‘Blue Will Be The Warmest color?’ What did you think about the café world?”
  • Ask the HER neighborhood to help you out with your dating life. “This girl simply informed me she is seeing somebody else, what exactly do I do?”
  • Ask anything LGBTQ-related! “I am transitioning – exactly what are good MTF options?”
  • Ask the HER area regarding their thoughts, views, interests, opnions and a lot more.

DON’T of Questions:

  • You should not ask individuals to message you, to chat to you personally or perhaps to include you various other social media programs. We are a social app – every person’s on her behalf really wants to meet new people!
  • Don’t ask if absolutely any individual near you/your area. In


    , you can view everybody towards you.
  • Never ask if men and women are planning to a specific event – upload case through Facebook or Meetup (brand new!).

The ultimate way to meet folks in your area remains through all of our


in addition to easiest way to discover what is actually taking place in your city or who can choose you to an event is by


(in addition



Write to us what you select of Questions and what new features you would like to see on her behalf next! âœŒï¸

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