Un sorso di cultura

Prolog Coffee Bar


is founded by two young and passionate baristas and coffee roasters Sebastian and Jonas, whose most important goal is to create a unique service and atmosphere for the guests by brewing the perfect cup of coffee in their charming little coffee shop in Copenhagen.

Prolog Coffee Bar is about a great experience from the beginning to the end.

Every single cup is brewed with a dedication and the ambition to deliver an extraordinary experience when tasting the coffee, which always should include, if you ask the two guys, a taste of terroir.

The taste of terroir means that the two Prolog baristas intent to take part of the whole coffee process and by that try to define the most elegant taste in every cup by a complete roasting profile and a perfect brewing, which means that even when brewed on the espresso machine or the v60 way the coffee will always unfold its true potential.

Prolog Coffee Bar
Høkerboderne 16
1712 Kbh V

Facebook: /prologcoffeebar
Instagram: /prologcoffeebar