Un sorso di cultura

Il Passo Obliquo – Marcello Zinno



“… Are you really afraid of death?
You never wondered, you assumed it was none of your business, that it only concerned others.
And now? Do you want to start being afraid of it? “

Each of us, without distinctions or exceptions, has the possibility in the course of their existence to take an “oblique step”, a precise moment in which their life, carefully calculated and inexorably monotonous, takes a non-compliant direction that will lead to new revelations . It is not important when this will happen, but what that step will bring into our knowledge. All this was unknown to Paolo, a rational man with a boring life like many others, who, through the death of a childhood friend and the desire to discover his motive, comes across a series of events that will confront him with doubts. existentials, spiritual experiences, submerged phenomena whose existence it is difficult to believe and people with a soul that he himself will have difficulty recognizing. But once you cross that threshold, rationality gives way to the thirst for knowledge and it is impossible to retrace one’s steps.

Marcello Zinno

Author and radio speaker, creator and organizer of musical events, specializing in digital communication and in the analysis of business models. In 2011 he created RockGarage.it, an e-magazine that boasts over 13,000 online content and a large following in the Italian underground rock. Passionate about “weird” and science fiction literature, he made his debut in fiction with the short story Oltre la Fine (2016).
He has also published the essay on music criticism The Crowdfunding In Music: L’Elemosina Del Futuro (2019).