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Green Fiction/Litetary Contest on the topic Green and the City

The literary contest Green Fiction 2014 organized by Associazione Quarto Paesaggio in collaboration with the Public Libraries of Milan has opened.
-Writings must have as a central theme the relationship between urban landscapes and nature. Stories can tell about experiences in community gardens and vegetale gardens, parks as vital centers for neighborhoods, schools and libraries’ outdoor areas, and other outdoor spaces issued by urban transformation.
-The contest is exclusively for unpublished writing and the material must be submitted starting June 15 through September 15 2014.
-Writings will be selected by experts published in a single ebook volume and on paper. The volume will be presented at BookCity 2014.
-The first comer will receive an award offered by Lambda Viaggi.

To participate and submit your work, read the requirements at www.quartopaesaggio.org