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Daniela Lucchetti is a deft china and stoneware handworker. She makes household pieces and juxtaposes traditional objects to toy-inspired elements, favouring simple lines and “dusty” colors. She is ruled by color when handling china and by lines when dealing with majolica. He china pieces have many uses, ranging frome dinnertable to wall. She designs and handcrafts personalized collections, glasses, cups, mugs, pithcers, plates and other small pieces pursuing simpleness.
Her ceramist and mosaic maker atelier is in Milan in the Tortona Area, where she designes, creates and exhibits her work. Daniela Lucchetti is a handworker but often collaborates with designers, fashion designers and architects.
Her work can also be found at two different playgrounds in Milan, Drago Area ex Motta, and Parco Mosaici at Quarto Oggiaro. Her design collaborations in the Milan Area include S+M, Jil Oneto, Adele-C, D-Squared and Walter Albini.