Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti

Fondazione Vico Magistretti. Milano

In the center of Milan, facing the Conservatory of Music, next to the beautiful Santa Maria della Passione church, the studio where Vico Magistretti has worked for more than sixty years, is now a museum that narrates – through the projects of the architect-designer and his objects, through the spaces where he unleashed his creativity, through the views of the city from the windows – chapters of design culture, stories of innovation, tradition and production.
Those who enter the studio today immediately “meet” Magistretti (in a video montage of several interviews from the last ten years of his career: Vico talks about himself outlining a sort of familiar and professional autobiography; he speaks about the Milan he was born and have lived in, his friends, his colleagues, his idea of design, the lasting and fruitful relationships with the companies he has worked with over the decades of his extraordinarily intense design activity.

Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti was founded in 2010, after a long and necessary work of inventorying of the archive; founding members of the studio museum are the Triennale Design Museum, Artemide, De Padova, Flou, Schiffini and Oluce. Fondazione Magistretti works to safeguard and enhance the archive and the work of Vico and sets out to promote Italian design and architecture among national and international public.
Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti houses design and architecture exhibitions and organizes guided tours, talks and meetings on exhibitions’ themes as well as workshops and educational activities for elementary, junior high and high school students.

Openings hours:
Tuesday 10/18 h
Thursday 14/20 h
Saturday 14/18 h entry by booking only

Entrance ticket 5 €


Matteo Cirenei was born in Schio in 1965 and has been living since 1967 in Milan, where he obtained his Degree in
Architecture at the Polytechnic Institute of Engineering and Architecture.

In the Faculty he is fascinated by the images created in black and white by photographers of the twentieth century  (such as E. Stoller, J. Shulman, B. Korab, O. Savio, etc.), in order to describe the work of the great architects in books and magazines, the object of study.
At that time, the early ‘90s, he began his photographic research in black and white on Architecture, while shooting
extremely particular cuts of outstanding buildings in Milan and other European capitals boasting famous architectural works of art.

The resulting images are extremely graphic, exalting proportions and perspective lines, alternating shots in equilibrium to
others characterised by an alchemy of dynamic elements.
The skies are incredibly clear: images are shot nearly always in rare days of strong wind, which give architectural buildings a sparkling beauty thanks to the sun’s generous and biting light.

The evolution of this research leads, at the end of the first decade of the millennium, in an aesthetic approach that
eliminates the overall vision of the building, re-creates an equilibrium of form in a new composition that comes from the
combination of architectural elements and games of light and shade, plastic acts purely figurative.
Metaphysical visions, abstractions which arise from the details of buildings designed by architectural masters:
a glance full of admiration for the object of study of the past year s at the Faculty of Architecture of Milan, which now,
through the photographic medium, generate new visual arrays.

Matteo Cirenei operates in the architecture and lifestyle photography field in addition to design and furniture
communication and corporate identity design.

He collaborates with Casabella, Domus, and Interni magazines.