BIRRIFICIO MILANO was born in 2013, at Via Mecenate (corner of Via Zante) in what used to be the Caproni Taliedo Area, a marvelous Milanese industrial site. Our brewing company is set in one of this area’s still perfectly preserved buildings.

Our mission is producing high-quality, unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer, selecting top ingredients with care and lots of passion.

Bringing back to life handicraft on the rests of a historical Milanese factory, especially in an economically difficult period, gives us the chance to put in the foreground the site’s original vocation. Once upon a time in this Lombard complex progress and culture were one. The Caproni Taliedo was part of those handicraft enterprises which eventually became the foundation of the economic flourish which made us famous for excellence worldwide.
The partners of BIRRIFICIO MILANO embrace and want to transmit the values that once were constituents of this archeological site. The inspirational dream that once moved enterprises of excellence is a dream we share and strongly want to bring to the fore.
We would like to pursue this dream of handicraft and locally produce New Excellence. Our desire is to breathe life into a beautiful archeological industrial site with the synergy, competence and handicraft offered by Lombardy. We have been infected by the passion for high-quality handicraft, excellence, innovation, and-why not-jobs and HOPE for the young.
We wan start an enterprise here in Milan, creating a competitive Italian brand fit for exportation but free from exploiting foreign production. And we want to give a strong possibility signal to the young.
Our beers reflect our way of being, curious and open to the new yet also strongly connected to Italian tradition and taste. We select top raw materials and modify them with great care for details.
Care is our strength. Care is the underlying theme behind our choices and at the base of this marvelous project we want to share as much as possible. We have renovated a historical industrial building preserving it as much as possible and using environmentally safe products to provide a production site that is well organized, functional and beautiful. All this is for us who work there on a daily basis but also for friends and partners who want to visit or sit with clients

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