Alcohol Content: 4,5 %
Color: Golden Blond
Suggested Temperature: 7-8 C°
Method: Golden Ale 

This is a light ale fit for all occasions. Nuances of herbs and a marked hopping give this beer a very pleasant bitterness. Best with roasted meats and grain dishes.



Alcohol Content: 4,2%
Color: Blond
Suggested Temperature: 6 C°
Method: Blanche

This light and drinkable Blanche ale comes straight out of the Belgian tradition. Delicate and complex, its fragrance is a bouquet of coriander, orange and elderflower. It is best for an early evening drink or for a fish dish. Given its gentle character, it is perfect for women.


Alcohol Content: 5%
Color: Amber
Suggested Temperature: 8 C°
Method: Pale Ale

This is an APA style beer decisively scented, with echoes of citrus and herbs. The creamy head holds and brings to the fore the complex hopping typical of this beer. Best with spicy meat stews.



Alcohol Content: 6,2%
Color: Amber
Suggested Temperature: 8 C°
Method: IPA

This Amber Ale is very hoppy, with a fruity aroma and light caramel touches. Its medium bodied mouthfeel fits like a marvel the bittersweet nuance.
These characteristics make it well balanced and very drinkable: don’t let it fool you! Best with seasoned cheeses and roasted meats.


Alcohol Content: 4.8%
Color: Coffee
Suggested Temperature: 8-10 C°
Method: Porter Style

Brown Italian craft beer unpasteurized and unfiltered, produced with care and passion with the best raw materials, the delicate aromas of toast and coffee. Pleasant and refreshing brown beer that will go easily in shellfish dishes as well as a good sweet chocolate or cinnamon.


Alcohol Content: 7,5 %
Color: Amber Brown
Suggested Temperature: 8-10 C°
Method: Scotch Ale Style

Scotch Ale style amber -colored brownish , unfiltered and unpasteurized with a marked aroma of peaty whiskey , candied fruits high fermentation , tobacco and toasted with a slight bitter aftertaste . Excellent with grilled meat.


Alcohol Content: 5%
Color: Golden
Suggested Temperature: 7-8 C°
Method: Pils

Low-fermented, golden-coloured blond beer in pilsner style with a mild flavour of hops. Very low bitterness and pleasantly clean in the mouth with abundant foam and very fine perlage. Very balanced beer that matches easily with every dish.



Alcohol Content: 6.8%
Color: Light Blond
Suggested Temperature: 7-8 C°
Method: American Wheat

This is a light blonde American wheat beer with a strong character. It has a white and compact foam with citrus and fruity aromas.  It is definitively a bitter beer , cool and refresching. Best pairing with a pub.



Alcohol Content: 5.5%
Color: Blond Orange
Suggested Temperature: 7-8 C°
Method: Neipa

New England Ipa style with Mango and wheat . Beer with clear and fine foam reminds the nose tropical scents and in the mouth a soft and juicy taste.
Fresh and refresching beer with moderate bitterness, perfect as summer beer.


Alcohol Content: 5.8%
Color: Purple Red
Suggested Temperature: 7-8 C°
Method: Fruit Ale

Fruit Ale-style purple red wheat beer. Very delicate berries beer with pink foam and bitterness practically absent. Summer beer with a juicy taste of fresh fruit.